Generel Conditions and Terms


The main purpose of these Rules is to regulate the use of services, personal data, content included in the website Those who access freely or after registering to the website are obliged to observe them. Access, registration and navigation through the website implies acceptance of the Rules.


These Rules apply to the services that are accessed through the website, to the processing of personal data made with this reason and the contents incorporated in it. Are recipients of these Rules: those who provide personal data, those who use the services, who provide and access the contents, who administer and exploit, the companies or entities that allow the operation of the website

2.1- the users are responsible for all the contents that they send to the portal, in Chat, messages and opinions. Users are responsible for the information or content does not infringe rights of third parties or violate any current legislation. World Airsoft Tactical Center S.L reserves the right, but not the obligation, to reject or delete any content provided by users that does not comply with the rules of the regime of use. World Airsoft Tactical Center SL keeps in a LOG file the IP address in all the contents that users insert in and may reveal this information if it is required by the competent authorities and organisms, or if it deems it necessary to protect the interests of and its users.


Those who access the website must observe the applicable legislation, the ethical codes, the collective agreement, the rules of use of the Web site, the privacy of data, etc. scrupulously. According to these they will refrain from carrying out behaviors that imply:

  1. a) Defame, slander or insult people.
  2. b) Deny products or services produced or provided by companies or entities.
  3. c) Disseminate, through electronic mail, computer viruses that damage computer programs or affect content, media or systems.
  4. d) Suppress the technical protections of the programs.
  5. e) Incorporate content of any kind for those who do not have the corresponding exploitation rights, especially the right of public communication.
  6. f) Disclose xenophobic or pornographic content.
  7. g) Make your password known to others voluntarily or involuntarily.
  8. h) Allow the use of passwords by those who are not the holders.
  9. i) Use brands, logos, etc., without proper authorization.
  10. j) Publish content protected by patent legislation, official or commercial secrets.
  11. k) Use the contents of the website for commercial purposes.
  12. l) Associate contents of the website with information of a pornographic nature, relating to any type of exploitation, of a racist nature or linked to terrorism or arms trafficking.
  13. m) Separate the images included in the pages of the Web site from the text.
  14. n) Transform, publicly communicate, distribute, assign, reproduce or modify the contents of the website, unless legal exceptions can be used.
  15. o) Use the contents that appear with the mention of reserved rights without the corresponding authorization.
  16. p) Failure to comply with the technical requirements or specifications established for accessing the website.
  17. q) Usurp or Impersonate the identity of any person, brand, company or entities.
  18. r) Registration of users under 14 years old, if this happens we will automatically cancel the account and the data registered without prior notice.


The operation of the website is supported by 1and1 servers or service providers, connected by public and private communication infrastructures. Access to the website, may be suspended for technical reasons or due to force majeure, such as:

  1. a) Failures in the supply of electricity or telephone network,
  2. b) Virus attacks on the servers that support the Web,
  3. c) Errors of the users in the access to the Website,
  4. d) Fires, floods, earthquakes,
  5. e) Strikes or labor conflicts,
  6. f) War conflicts.

These causes, expressed in an enumerative but non-limiting manner, are unpredictable or foreseeable or foreseeable. is exonerated from any type of responsibility when they materialize.


The doing or not doing that implies the violation of positive law norms, conditions of use or these Norms, can imply the materialization of an illicit, an administrative infraction, a lack or a crime, this will give rise to the demand of the responsibility in the civil, administrative, labor or criminal sphere. World Airsoft Tactical Center S.L or any of the entities of the Group will initiate the corresponding procedure so that the Courts of Justice determine the responsibility that may arise. Of the expressions, opinions, comments, etc., posted on the Web, and the incorporation of illegal content, respondents who perform them.


World Airsoft Tactical Center S.L reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate on its website without prior notice. World Airsoft Tactical Center S.L, being able to change, delete or add both the contents and services provided through it and the way in which these are presented or located by it.