World Airsoft

The best indoor field in Spain. We have 2300m2 with magnificent facilities and a shooting range in which as a main activity we perform the IPSC WATC modality. In WORLD AIRSOFT TACTICAL CENTER you can enjoy all kinds of events and celebrations (birthdays, bachelor parties, work meetings, …), enjoy your alone or with your colleagues and friends of a different and fun day, with your own equipment or can rent it if you do not have it.

In our field we also carry out different courses such as climbing, rappelling, personal defense, courses of different levels both airsoft and IPCS WATC

Technical Service

We have specialized technical service and authorized by our distributors. Offering the guarantees, making the repairs and modifications directly in our store.

Technical service protocol

The articles will be reviewed, the failure will be determined and the client will be informed, providing the information of the ruling and clarifying the solution as well as reporting the expenses of the same. Once the client accepts the budget, we will begin to work on the product, having an estimated period of one or two days, provided that spare parts do not have to be ordered, in this case the time will depend on the delay of the replacement of said spare parts.

The obligatory rules

  • It reserves the right of admission.
  • It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to play under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic and / or narcotic substances.
  • It is not allowed UNDER ANY CONCEPT to shoot with the weapons in the safe zone, even if they are without ammunition and without a magazine.
  • Obviously they are not allowed UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES the lack of respect, shouting or discussions in our facilities are not allowed.
  • It will not be allowed to disagree or make a comment to a rival saying that we have reached him, if we believe that a player does not follow the rules of the game we will notify the STAFF and he will give a solution in this regard. Any player who is hit by a shot in any part of the body or the weapon, immediately will be considered eliminated, shouting aloud. ” ELIMINATED ‘we recommend not to use the word’DEAD”, because they are simulation games and not nobody dies
  • The eliminated ones do not speak, that is to say it is FULLY PROHIBITED to reveal the position of the opponent or to make any type of comment on the development of the game.
  • Any weapon that is going to be used must pass the control of CRONO with the hop up to the minimum and with 0.20g balls.
  • The maximum power for FUSILES AND SHOTGUNS will be 350 FPS with the hop up to the minimum and with BALLS of 0.20g.
  • Support roles, sniper and select shooter are PROHIBITED. Any type of pyrotechnic grenade are totally PROHIBITED. The allowed grenades will ALWAYS be thrown below the height of our hips and it will not be necessary to warn of their release. Only ball grenades, tornado type, or GAS sonic grenades are allowed.
  • The use of approved glasses and a mask is COMPULSORY. It will be COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN to remove the glasses inside the field of play, if it were necessary to clean or defuse them, you will have to leave to the SAFE ZONE. In case of an accident due to failure to comply with safety regulations, the company World Airsoft Tactical Center will not be held responsible.